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A Slixmpp specific TestCase class that provides


find_subclass(o, parent[, base_ok])

class slidge.util.test.SlidgeTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: slixmpp.test.SlixTest

A Slixmpp specific TestCase class that provides methods for comparing message, iq, and presence stanzas.


Message – Create a Message stanza object. Iq – Create an Iq stanza object. Presence – Create a Presence stanza object. check_jid – Check a JID and its component parts. check – Compare a stanza against an XML string. stream_start – Initialize a dummy XMPP client. stream_close – Disconnect the XMPP client. make_header – Create a stream header. send_header – Check that the given header has been sent. send_feature – Send a raw XML element. send – Check that the XMPP client sent the given

generic stanza.

recv – Queue data for XMPP client to receive, or

verify the data that was received from a live connection.

recv_header – Check that a given stream header

was received.

recv_feature – Check that a given, raw XML element

was recveived.

fix_namespaces – Add top-level namespace to an XML object. compare – Compare XML objects against each other.

Create an instance of the class that will use the named test method when executed. Raises a ValueError if the instance does not have a method with the specified name.

class Config[source]#
jid = aim.shakespeare.lit[source]#
secret = test[source]#
server = shakespeare.lit[source]#
port = 5222[source]#
upload_service = upload.test[source]#
user_jid_validator = .*@shakespeare.lit[source]#
admins :list[str] = [][source]#
no_roster_push = False[source]#
ignore_delay_threshold = 300[source]#
plugin :Union[types.ModuleType, dict][source]#
classmethod setUpClass()[source]#

Hook method for setting up class fixture before running tests in the class.


Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.

classmethod tearDownClass()[source]#

Hook method for deconstructing the class fixture after running all tests in the class.

slidge.util.test.find_subclass(o, parent, base_ok=False)[source]#