For the debian package, edit the /etc/slidge/conf.d/common.conf and /etc/slidge/superduper.conf files

Slidge can be configured via CLI args, environment variables and/or INI files. To use env vars, use this convention: --home-dir becomes HOME_DIR.

usage: slidge [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-q] [-d] [--upload-requester UPLOAD_REQUESTER]
              [--upload-service UPLOAD_SERVICE] --legacy-module LEGACY_MODULE
              [--partial-registration-timeout PARTIAL_REGISTRATION_TIMEOUT]
              --jid JID [--admins [ADMINS ...]] [--last-seen-fallback]
              [--home-dir HOME_DIR] [--user-jid-validator USER_JID_VALIDATOR]
              [--secret-key SECRET_KEY] [--port PORT] --server SERVER --secret
              SECRET [--avatar-size AVATAR_SIZE] [--no-roster-push]
              [--ignore-delay-threshold IGNORE_DELAY_THRESHOLD]

Named Arguments#

-c, --config

Path to a INI config file.

-q, --quiet


Default: 20

-d, --debug



Set which JID should request the upload slots. Defaults to the component JID.


JID of an HTTP upload service the gateway can use. This is optional, as it should be automatically determined via servicediscovery.


Importable python module containing (at least) a BaseGateway and a LegacySession subclass


If True, legacy contacts will send a presence request subscription when privileged roster push does not work, eg, if XEP-0356 (privileged entity) is not available for the component.

Default: True


Timeout before registration and login. Only useful for legacy networks where a single step registration process is not enough.

Default: 3600

--jid, -j

The gateway component’s JID


JIDs of the gateway admins

Default: ()


When using XEP-0319 (Last User Interaction in Presence), use the presence status to display the last seen information in the presence status. Useful for clients that do not implement XEP-0319.

Default: True


Shelve file used to store persistent user data. Defaults to /var/lib/slidge/${SLIDGE_JID}.


Regular expression to restrict user that can register to the gateway by JID. Defaults to .*@${SLIDGE_SERVER}, forbids the gateway to JIDs not using the same XMPP server as the gateway


Encryption for disk storage

--port, -p

The XMPP server’s port for incoming component connections

Default: “5347”

--server, -s

The XMPP server’s host name.


The gateway component’s secret (required to connect to the XMPP server)


Maximum image size (width and height), image ratio will be preserved

Default: 200


Do not fill users’ rosters with legacy contacts automatically

Default: False


Threshold, in seconds, below which the <delay> information is stripped out of emitted stanzas.

Default: 0:05:00